The Department of Science and Commercialization (here in after – DSC) is a structural unit of the university, the purpose of which is to develop the scientific and innovative activities of the university, corresponding to the modern situation of technological progress in the world space.

The department consists of the department for working with industrial partners and with science funds, the project support department and the department for working with intellectual property.

The tasks of the Department of Science and Commercialization are:

Updating of scientific and innovative directions in Kazakhstan and in the world space;
Organization of participation of scientists in important conferences, seminars, trainings, etc.;
Participation in grant financing competitions (MON RK, MCRIAP RK, ME RK, etc.), corporate sector (enterprises of NWF Samruk-Kazyna, Eurasian Group, etc.), international competitions (Erasmus +, Horizont 2020, Shell, etc.) to find financing for proposed topics;
Search for and market promotion of competitive commercially promising scientific developments in accordance with the industry orientation and regional location of the university;
Provision of intellectual property protection, licensing, consulting services;
Ensuring the development of new innovative companies in the field of energy and telecommunications on the basis of the university.